Balreet Kaur is A Woman Extraordinaire, whose Radiance and beauty comes from deep within.From a lifelong commitment /partnership with Physical, Spiritual, Nutritional Discipline nourishment and dedication.A Woman of substance, whose courage and strength can put ten people to shame.Her highly developed will power and conviction in her beliefs make anything possible, time and again proving to us that impossible is nothing.

A Powerhouse of Confidence, Dynamism, Heart and Energy, she is a force to reckon with which any person standing in the same space as she will come to recognise. The Magnetism of her personality, Truth of her being and Alignment of her soul with the Almighty - touches, impacts, and moves all those whom she touches on her journey as a human being.


Rajoshi Vidyarthi is an actor, singer, thinker, and a life coach some. A daughter, a sister, a wife, a daughter-in-law, a mother, a friend .... to some.

Her deep connection with music and her zest for life, love and relationships give a depth to her thoughts and beliefs that she nurtures and shares with all those who she meets.

In her words - "I am what I leave behind in the world .. let my life be a message of life .. a celebration every moment"


09:45PM - 10:00PM | Registrant Check-in
10:05AM - 10:15AM | Keynote Address
10:15AM - 11:40AM | Workshop 1 - Acu Yoga
11:45AM - 12:30PM | Workshop 2 - Music Therapy
12:30PM - 01:00PM | Networking over Tea


The Wellness Workshops are a one-of-a-kind events for all those who are concerned about the health & wellness of themselves and their families.

These series of workshops bring together individuals & wellness professionals from a myriad of settings (e.g., worksites, community and public health organizations, healthcare fraternity) to participate, interact and network to develop a wellness community and engage in wellness activities for personal growth and renewal, and experience a wellness immersion unlike any other.


Individuals who are concerned about any aspect of his / her overall Health & Wellness. Every seminar would be touching upon select aspects related to our wellbeing. These could be related to any one of the various elements of Wellness that we address.

Corporate Employees / Leadership Team members who are keen to explore the benefits and relevance of these sessions for an improvement in the work culture within their organisations by promoting harmony and well being amongst Employees and Teams.


We understand that you take your Health & Wellness very seriously. While there are no charges for the event - we do charge Rs.150/- per head towards refreshments. Also - there is a group discount of 33.33% when you register as a group of 3 or more people. There is a pre-registration required for the event. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW.

The Wellness Initiative members get a 50% Discount. Please enter your Discount Code which has been sent to you thru email.

There is limited seating. So we would suggest you register at the earliest. Participation without prior registration would not be allowed.


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