The success of any company depends very heavily on the productivity and work performance of its human resources. The ability to function and perform at a high level consistently is greatly aided by Employee Wellness Programs. The introduction of such programs has been successful in that the results are beneficial for both the employee and the company at large.

The Wellness Initiative conducts Workshops and Seminars related to Individual as well as Corporate Wellness. These wellness programs address the full continuum of emotional and physical issues of an employee to improve corporate wellness. This holistic approach ensures each employee has the tools and resources necessary to achieve their personal health and wellness goals.

The upcoming Seminar addresses three critical aspects:

Session 1 This session deals with the importance of Corporate Relations - both internal as well as External. Addressing issues as wide as Team relationships, Peer Group relationships, Customer relationships, Vendor Relationships, etc.

Session 2 This session addresses the critical issue of Work Life Balance. Understanding the various factors that can lead to a healthy work life balance creates harmony within the individual which in turn improves productivity and positivity.

Session 3 Join Ashish as he explores the various aspects of professional life and discover relationships and conversations that you may never known.



Dr.Geetika Virdi holds a Masters in Applied Psychology with Specialization in Clinical Psychology from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. She has a degree in Psychology (Hons.) from Delhi University. Ms. Geetika is working as a Counselling Psychologist with the Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences, Fortis National Mental Health Program, Fortis Healthcare.

Her work is centered on working with women, to enhance their coping and adjustment to various life transitions such as pregnancy, child birth, infertility and loss. Yet another area of interest for her is mental health, and she has been conducting workshops with schools and corporates across India along with her team.


Abhishek says "Start Believing in Yourself rest everything will follow". He has delivered motivational talks in TCS, Orkash, Deloitte, Group of 40 CFO's, GD Goenka School and other corporates and institutions.

By living a disciplined life and focused attitude Abhishek has won the prestigious Title of ULTRAMAN and 2 times IRONMAN. With the win win of mind over heart and age old secured future definition, Abhishek completed his engineering and Masters in Marketing & International Business to enter the never ending corporate race.

Abhishek realized that running is mediation for him. He finished several, Half Marathons, marathons, Ultra runs and worlds toughest Triathlons.


Ashish Vidyarthi is a National Award winning actor, who graduated in History from the Hindu College ,Delhi University and trained at the National School of Drama (N.S.D.). Over the last twenty two years, he has worked in more than two hundred films across eleven languages. Passionate about Acting, travelling, photography, writing and meeting people while engaging in conversations about life...He sees "The journey as the destination '...

Ashish uses life instances, stories and anecdotes that he has continued to observe during his now 24 year career as an actor in over 200 films across 12 languages.. It inspires him to impact conversations in organisations, such that this "home for the employee" becomes an extraordinary place for people to nurture, value and recommend to others rather than be waiting to jump ship at the next better monetary offer. .

He designs each of the conversation modules, according to the course of action required by the organisation.


1:45PM - 2:00PM | Registrant Check-in
2:00PM - 2:10PM | Keynote Address
2:10PM - 2:55PM | Session 1 : Corporate Wellness
3:00PM - 3:45PM | Session 2 : Work Life Balance
3:50PM - 4:30PM | Session 3 : Connecting the Dots..
4:30PM - 5:00PM | Networking over High Tea


The Health & Wellness Seminars are a one-of-a-kind events for all those who are concerned about the health & wellness of themselves and their families.

These series of Seminars bring together individuals & wellness professionals from a myriad of settings (e.g., worksites, community and public health organizations, healthcare fraternity) to participate, interact and network to develop a wellness community and engage in wellness activities for personal growth and renewal, and experience a wellness immersion unlike any other.


Corporate Employees / Leadership Team members who are keen to explore the benefits and relevance of these sessions for an improvement in the work culture within their organisations by promoting harmony and well being amongst Employees and Teams.


We understand that you take your Health & Wellness very seriously. While there are no charges for the event - we do charge Rs.500/- per head towards refreshments. Also - there is a group discount of 33.33% when you register as a group of 3 or more people. There is a pre-registration required for the event. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW.

Companies sending 5 or more employees get a 50% Discount. Please contact us at 96548 89815 for Corporate registrations.

The Wellness Initiative members get a 50% Discount. Please enter your Discount Code which has been sent to you thru email.

There is limited seating. So we would suggest you register at the earliest. Participation without prior registration would not be allowed.


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